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Tembak Ikan – Bang Bang Fish

  • January 22, 2021

‘Tembak Ikan Gambling’ has a lot of interesting games, including the multi-player game, the bluffing game, the fortune telling game, the card and die game and the riddles game. Each game has its own uniqueness and provides fun to the players. You can find a lot of these games at the various game rooms and internet cafes in Jakarta. The internet has also made it easier for the players to find out more about the game and play the game from anywhere in the world.

Tembak Ikan

The base of the swimming game is a simple set of fifty cards which are divided into three piles. The players start with one pack of fifty cards to deal with. All the other piles consist of four cards each. This makes the game much simpler as well. The more people are involved, the more complicated the games can be, but the more fun they are as well.

How to play doesn’t rely solely on the type of cards that are being used, but rather, on the jokers that must be included in the same hand. The jokers are divided up into three categories. One type that is played as a stand alone, the second being those that must be mixed in with the cards that are dealt out. The last type is the double joker, which is used only when the other jokers are already in use.

Dor Dor Fish

As for how to deal, each player is dealt four hands. A regular four-hand deck is used. On turn two, the player gets to choose which joker to use. If the player chooses the “double joker”, then that joker will rotate around the jokers face, and also be visible to all players. Players can look at this joker and know which card it is representing. After that, the dealer will then deal the hand to the players.

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