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Online Poker – High Stakes Poker

  • February 17, 2021

High stakes online poker is fast and exciting. Anyone can play high stakes poker online. However, it is important to consider whether or not you are ready to wager real money. You should check out all of your options, including whether or not you want to learn from a professional dealer or if you are more comfortable bluffing your way to a win. No matter what your preferred style of play, there is a poker room for you out there for you.

Online Poker

The final eight players in the championship table play for the highest prize in the poker tournament. The first two bouts on the program feature the favorites Jannick Johnson and Mike Tsitsin. The final bout of the final eight has got to be one of the most interesting matches ever played in High Stakes Poker TV Season 8. This one will surely be a clash between defending champion Raymer and veteran Tom Dwan.

First things first, the players have been blindfolded and they are each given a specific hand. There is really nothing much to do during the initial round. In fact, it is more like playing poker with three unique players. Each player is dealt a hand and the flop reveals all of the four cards dealt. Now the players must make their decisions immediately or be stuck with their cards for the rest of the game.

High Stakes Poker

The first two online poker rounds of action went exactly as expected. Mike demos his ability to call, and Jannick showed off his nuts in the flop. Tom used a very fast early play to get ahead in the hole and ended up making the turn after passing the flop with a premium hand. This was the start of a series of victories for Tom, who eventually went on to win the first High Stakes Poker TV Tournament. Unfortunately for Tom, Jannick came in with the same preparation and the same aggression, winning the second installment of the tournament.

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