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Macau & Casinos – Down 79.3% in 2020

  • February 1, 2021

A trip to Macau during Chinese New Year can be made even more special by the fact that on many February gambling celebrations, children are permitted to take part in the parades, regardless of age. At the end of the celebrations, fireworks are set off in the square, and people then spend the evening dining outdoors in front of the many fire pits that are now becoming a common feature of most of the Chinese New Year buildings. Some people believe that the practice of holding public celebrations like this to celebrate the Chinese New Year began in Macau as early as 16 Februray. It was thought to help prevent drunkenness and other vices. Today, Macau is still a popular destination for tourists looking to participate in these celebrations. Many hotels offer packages that include accommodation, food, and of course, fireworks.

Macau & Casinos

During Chinese New Year, the parades mark the start of Chinese Spring, which occurs when the new year begins with the first day of spring. While this can be an exciting time for locals and tourists alike, it is important to note that parades and fireworks are not all that the Chinese New Year is known for. Other February parade activities include sports such as basketball and water polo. These sports can be great fun for the entire family.

In June the first Chinese New Year Casino Parade takes place, with over a thousand guests and dignitaries in attendance. There will be numerous parades of various sizes, but the central area is best known for the huge one-day event. Firecrackers and other noise maker devices are commonly set off in the a-ma temple, and the proceedings conclude with the crowning of the first Chinese New Year King and Queen. Fireworks display at the Parade is one of the highlights of the Chinese New Year celebrations, and tourists often see macabre masks parading through the streets.

2020 for Macau

In addition to the main Chinese New Year Parade, there are also a traditional dragon and Tiger parade. These spectacular parades of long, four-legged animals head towards the a-ma temple, and you can watch as the animals leap and flex their muscles as they head towards the festivities. As well as the parade there will be traditional Chinese dances performed by teams of people, with the performance lasting around an hour. Throughout the gambling day you will also be able to watch a dragon and Tiger play a game of chariot racing.

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